Friends of the Jordan Festivals is a non-profit organization founded in March 2010, by a group of men and women, leaders in the private sector; motivated by their love and loyalty to their country, and their passion of the culture and the arts. The NGO aims at promoting Jordan as a cultural destination being the only open air museum in the world, rich in history, rich in heritage and rich in culture.


  • To implement His Majesty King Abdullahís vision, in promoting Jordan as a touristic, cultural and economic destination.
  • To create a new festival for Culture and Arts, in order to enhance tourism and develop the cultural awareness within all ages and tiers of the Jordanian society.
  • To consider the diversity of events, as a competitive advantage.
  • To create an ongoing cultural initiative that will ultimately be sustainable all year round.
  • To use the festival as a medium that endorses Jordanís heritage sites and locations.
  • To promote cross cultural interaction and cooperation.
  • To promote private sectorís participation in fulfilling the objectives of the festival.
  • To promote and encourage young Jordanian talents and preserve Jordanian cultural identity.

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